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Our team of engineers and consultants have developed a proprietary technological advancement to supplying the world's energy needs with the advent of a new lower-cost, more efficient jet-speed Accelerator Wind Turbine, which promises to deliver clean wind power at a lower cost than any existing power generation technology.

Wind is the fastest-growing renewable energy resource in the world and is about to become the lowest-cost energy in the world through our wind acceleration techniques. Our advanced technology allows us to squeeze as much energy as possible out of the wind.

Science tells us that it's simple aerodynamics that the raw power of wind goes up to the cube of its velocity. Our Sterling Accelerator Turbine (SAT) uses a passive compound venturi to increase the ambient wind speed by 300%. We achieve an increase in the ambient wind raw power from 0.6kW per square meter to over 9kW per square meter to impact generator turbine blades with much more raw kinetic power maximizing efficiency.

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